about Lumi

Shiatsu with Lumi

I am passionate about sharing my skills with people in order to facilitate transformative healing.

The creation of a safe space for each individual is paramount to me, and I welcome your active participation in the treatment to reach maximum potential from the sessions.

My experience, knowing and understandings from life and training programmes create a reference that I use to inform our sessions, but this is not all that guides me. I listen attentively to each and every moment you bring into the space. This allows you, as the receiver, the opportunity to explore your experience of yourself; body, emotion, sensations, and work towards a place of ease and freedom.
If desired I offer recommendations varying from exercises, dietary explorations and personal inquiry.

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Shiatsu sessions with me have great benefit to;

  • people with busy, full lives for general support and maintenance
  • physical injury/limitations and health concerns
  • people who are looking for emotional support through changes, stress and times of grief
  • those who feel stuck and unclear
  • dancers and physical performance artists
  • those who are looking for more embodiment
  • people who feel scattered/fragmented and want to feel more grounded
  • those who have something going on that they can't name which they would like to explore through a series of sessions to work towards resolution
A little about me.

My interests vary and include but are not limited to: Taiko drummingTheatre of the Oppressed, authentic relating, Queer theory, dance and performance art. I like diversity, questioning and finding out what lies beneath. My life experience as a parent and member of the lgbtq+ community informs my practice and are areas of particular support I can offer clients.

My shiatsu training began in 2006, qualified in 2010 and have since participated in several post-graduate courses and continue to do so.

I have taught at the International Macrobiotic School and continue to deliver workshops in Totnes, with other organisations and at festivals.

I am currently combining my passion for performance & self-expression with my healing practice through teaching Taiko drumming and developing Theatre of the Oppressed workshops.