what is shiatsu ?

Shiatsu (Japanese for 'finger pressure') - is a hands on healing therapy, developed originally in Japan from the ancient concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, then combined with knowledge of Western science, anatomy and physiology.

Shiatsu is very flexible in its application. Lumi works with individuals supporting them on their healing journeys. They also offer short stress busting sessions in the workplace or at social events.

In private sessions, a full consultation is taken including structural evaluations. Lumi then works through clothing finding areas of tension and weakness and working with each individual according to their personal needs. Techniques used included; pressure, stretches, movement, stillness and points to aid the natural healing process of the body.

Lumi normally works on a mat on the floor and with body cushions for extra support, especially great for during pregnancy. For people who have difficulty getting to the floor or in the workplace, shiatsu can take place in a chair.