H.Oakley; Writer, Graphic Designer & Shiatsu practitioner. Devon

“Lumi is an exceptional practitioner. When I feel called to receive a treatment, Lumi is my first go-to. Their skill, presence and tenderness of care combine to create a very tight container for me to enter into the depth that Shiatsu offers. Their enthusiasm for Shiatsu’s healing powers bring a powerful sparkle to their experience and learning. And I trust Lumi; that is the main thing. I trust in their ground and in their heart-centred staying power; in their touch and in their skilful, subtle tracking of my energy and body. I always feel held and received in where I’m at and where I arrive to through a session. And I always feel the permission to be fully participant in my own Shiatsu experience. Together these things give me reason to whole-heartedly recommend Lumi as a Shiatsu therapist and healer. Experience this potent art of healing – go to Lumi.”